Friday, April 25, 2014

A Final View of QAL Project


The first photo shows how the quilt top without borders looks with the applique designs done ALL in black. Here, I used nine-patch blocks for the pieced blocks that were a little bit smaller than the pattern asks for; however, I was still able to successfully put it all together. With only the quilt top done; I could add borders to include or exclude the swag applique design. The appliques have not been stitched yet.

(As shown: 25 1/2" x 25 1/2" square)

With everyone having a choice of at least four different pieced blocks and using their own fabric colors for their applique designs; one can see that each quilt would be totally unique. Each quilt can tell its own story; and that was what I entitled this project: "Life's A Journey". 

The approximate finished size of this project; if using only the two borders in the pattern instructions, it should be: 33" x 33" square. Please feel free to try other layouts and color choices for more new and exciting story telling... using colorful fabrics and thread. 

* ** *** * **** * *** ** *


I wanted to have you see that going totally scrappy will still create a stunning quilt. I even used only one thread color for the complete project. If I don't have enough fabric in a specific color grouping, I can easily select new ones, and still come up with a beautiful arrangement with these quilt blocks.

And even when I messed up; I was still able to continue. Or when I changed my mind, it still was possible to make adjustments. That is what is great about quilting, one can make changes or adjustments; if the need arises.
  1. While the pattern needed a three-inch cut for the second border; it was late when I was cutting out my own; and I forgot to add the seam allowance to the finished measurement; so mine ended up narrower than it should have been; because I hadn't written out the final instructions, at that point.
  2. I wanted to brighten up the quilt with bright borders; however, the pink was too much for me; so I added the brown to tone it down. 
  3. Before finishing up the final hand-stitching of the hanging sleeve and quilt label, I auditioned buttons and added them to several of the applique designs.  

Here’s how my quilt turned out...

(Size: 34 3/8" x 34 3/8")
** *** **** * *** ** *

Closeups of some of the appliqued blocks:

Block 7 -- Potted Flowers (embroidered stamens)

Block 5 -- Fence (with Flowers)

Block 5 -- Fence with Flowers (button centers)

Block 11a -- Boat 

Thank you for joining with me to make this applique mystery quilt along project to brighten up those long winter months. The weekly lessons will be available on my website until May 18, 2014.

Happy Quilting....

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