Thursday, January 2, 2014

Piecing Together An Applique Mystery

Piecing -- Applique -- and Scrappy, too ....
Set to begin on January 5, 2014!!

Are you ready to start stitching up your story on this applique mystery quilt along? Instead of using crayons and paper; you'll begin with beautiful fabrics and add recognizable appliqued images that are attached to happy and/or sad memories, and many hopes for the future.

Combining pieced blocks and applique blocks; this quilt will allow total freedom to select a wide range of colors to create a delightfully scrappy quilt, that is set to tell a story -- and being a wall hanging quilt at about 33" x 33" in size; it will stitch up in only 17 weeks.

This Quilt A-Long Project will:
Allow total freedom when selecting your colors, any embellishing of the blocks; even has an option in block choices, and the design is flexible to allow changing the final layout, if so desired.

Allow the beginner, advanced, busy, precise, or creative quilter several main options for creating their own unique quilt.  

Provide opportunity to work on a quilt along; without the large expense in fabric needs, supplies, and sewing time, as a large project would.
Allow opportunity to use stash fabrics and supplies already on-hand to save money and give opportunity to anyone that wishes to take part in a quilting project without straining their budget.
Begin January 5, 2014 and finish the week of April 27, 2014... making a great gift for someone special; maybe it's YOU!

Soon to be stitching....


bellezza squillace said...

I am signed up for the Mystery Quilt and am so excited to join you. I have a question about the finished size because I would like to make it more of a throw. Will you include options for making it larger? This is going to be a wonderful adventure!

Darlee Byron said...

Thanks for joining me! I hadn't thought of that; however, it should be possible. About how big would you like the throw to be?

dottel said...

Thank you Darlee for making this available to us. I have a query about the block size, is it 5" finished and 5.5" unfinished OR 5" unfinished.

Darlee Byron said...

The nine patch block (or any variation)will be a 5" unfinished block. Once it is sewn into the quilt; it'll be 4.5". Does that make sense, to you? Thanks for your question, Dottel.

bellezza squillace said...

I've actually made a lap size at 68" x 68", so its almost like doubling this one. I wonder how to make that possible. If you have ideas, I would use them. Thanks

Darlee Byron said...

Thanks, bellezza squillace. Yes, I have ways of enlarging it. I will share these ideas on the blog and/or website.

Darlee Byron said...

I've decided to include the larger variation layouts in the week 2 lesson. They look nice!

knitting knut said...

Is it too late to join this quilt along? I found it on craftsy but can't find the pattern?

Darlee Byron said...

knitting knut it's not too late; the weekly lessons can be found on my website:
Click on the separate links to download each lesson for January.