Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Majestic View

Time usually seems to fly when one is interacting with a fun activity!! Doesn't it? So it is already time to post my final scrappy quilt made from quiltville website/blog.  The pattern instructions for this quilt is available for a free download.

Some of the steps from this design are shown here, and if you are interested, please visit the links above to see more on this pattern.

I used fabrics in neutrals, greens, blues, and purples. It was a great design to use fabrics I already had on stock.  
  • Cut 8.5" squares of fabric, in both darks and lights. I made the lap size quilt which needed 64 squares in total.
  • Lay a light and a dark fabric with right sides together and cut into two triangles. Then sew together. After sewn, press and trim to an 8-inch block.
  • From these blocks, a variety of designs can be achieved by how the two fabrics are placed together before cutting into the strips.
  • After deciding, place two blocks with right sides together again, light facing dark/dark facing light; and cut each set of blocks into 2-inch strips. Then these strips are rearranged before they are sewn together to make the new blocks. 

Cutting the Blocks--Triangles

Cutting Blocks into Strips

Arranging the Strips

Rows--Block Assembly

This project: 8 blocks wide by 8 blocks long; 64 blocks in total. 
Borders (unfinished size): inner border: dark purple-2"; outer border: purple/green-4.5".

Borders to Complete the Quilt

 My Finished Quilt
Scrappy Mountain Majestics (approx. 57" x 71")

Thanks to Bonnie Hunter for inspiring me to try these scrappy quilt techniques!! It is always a joy to work with those fabrics already in my stash. There is a huge variety of free patterns on her site. Also, she has several great books available for purchase.

Please visit her website or blog, for more details on this or any other pattern for using up your scrappy fabrics. 

Hope you enjoyed this project. Until next time... cheers to you all!!


Flora said...

I just happened to come to your blogspot today and see you've been busy with some projects again. I've missed them. I do like the majestic view quilt. Did you consider a solid color border or only the printed one?

Darlee Byron said...

The only rule for choosing fabrics for borders for these scrappy quilts was to use up what I have. So, I don't think I had enough of a solid color for this one.