Friday, January 17, 2014

Easy Precision with Four-Patch

I don't know about you; but I usually don't fuss over how wide my seam allowances are when putting together quilt blocks. It is my quarter-inch foot that decides....

Since, this is a project we each will assemble ourselves, we can use our own method of block assembly for these pieced blocks. If anyone has difficulty getting that perfectly sized block; there are ways to adjust it, so it can be cut to the exact measurements required in the pattern.

Our Five-Inch Blocks: (block size before sewing quilt top together - unfinished)
We require ten pieced blocks and six applique blocks, this size. Therefore, let's take a look at what options are available:

To make it even easier for all skill levels, to participate; I've included four options for the construction of the pieced blocks in this quilt. So, from a nine-patch to a four-patch to a scrappy block to a plain block -- all are a five-inch final measurement; before quilt assembly. Each person can choose which option to make; and it does not matter what skill level you are. Each quilt will have a unique story to tell.

Since I love applique more than piecing... whenever it does matter in the finished size of the block; I cut my pieces a bit larger, in order that they end up the proper size. I'm still practicing getting that perfect scant quarter-inch; so until then, I'll do it my own way.

So.... to continue I want to show you how to make a four-patch block using larger squares that can then be cut down to the perfect five-inch block.

1. To begin, cut four 3-inch squares. 2. Stitch them together using a quarter-inch seam allowance, does not matter if it is a regular or scant seam. Carefully press seam allowances; either to one side or open. 3. Next, using a rotary ruler measure block to check size is adequate. 4. To make the cutting part easier; just place the 2.5 inch line along the stitched center seam and trim off each side.

There you go... a perfectly sized five-inch block!! Not much waste; but now it is the perfect dimension required in our pattern instructions.






In my nine-patch version, I will be using 4 3/4" blocks; and show you how to adjust the other blocks to fit this quilt design's center section. This can be applied to larger blocks, just as easily. I'm hoping to have it ready in the final week of January.

One thing is for certain... that each project we make will have its own story to tell; from what fabric choices we make to the techniques we employ; and how we decide the pieces are assembled.

If your quarter-inch seam allowances are the perfect measurement, without adjustments; or you need to adjust your cutting measurements, it does not matter. Let us all play this mystery game; at our own skill level and enjoy the journey!

Thank you for joining me...
Happy Quilting!

The next mystery block available by January 19th.... check your inbox for the arrival of my second email letter that will link you to the next lesson!! Anyone that joined between January 13-17 will be added to my mail-out on January 18th. If this email does not reach you; for whatever reason, you will still be able to find the link at the Weekly Plans page on my website. 


bellezza squillace said...

Darlee, I am loving this experience for so many reasons. That 5" patched block is relatively challenging just because of its size. You have done and are doing an amazing job of tutoring along the way. So glad I joined.

Darlee Byron said...

Thank you bellezza squillace, I am so glad you are enjoying my quilt along.