Sunday, January 12, 2014

About the Appliques

In the Applique Mystery Quilt A-long, it's all about the appliques...

Knowing now, that we will create the pieced blocks in a variety of ways; either doing them all at once, or one per week; along with an appliqued block. Let's get to the applique mystery....

It is an applique mystery, because we will be discovering each applique block, one by one, and also where it fits on the quilt top. At times, it may seem like we are working on images that do not relate to each other; however, they are all connected with events or objects we use and/or wish to obtain in our life's journey.

Fabric colors can be chosen in a number of ways: using what's available in our fabric bin; colors we love, colors that match our applique image, or colors that bring in an imaginary theme. [For example: a spotted purple elephant, or everything from one color family.]

The main goal is to not fuss over colors; but to enjoy making each block with the fabrics we have; and remembering it is a scrappy quilt. All these blocks will be brought together when we frame them, with our borders.

I like fused machine applique; and if you have not tried this method before, you can check out my two free patterns at my Craftsy store, to give it a try.

Finishing the Edges
Purpose: To stitch around each applique piece to securely attach it to the background fabric.

This can be done with a blanket stitch, applique stitch, or zigzag stitch. For small pieces, I prefer using the zigzag stitch. You can use a combination of stitches on an applique block or select only one stitch type.

Thread Colors
Here, you can choose a number of options: use thread to match the applique piece, one color on all the applique pieces for the complete project, or both. I have used all of these. For the one thread color option; I've used black, dark green, gray, white, and olive green. 

Type of Fusible Web
If you haven't tried any before, check to see what is available in your area. I have always loved using Steam-A-Steam 2; however, with the problem of availability, I had to change. The product I currently use is WonderUnder by Pellon. I had a few issues with it; but have since come to terms with this option.

If you have any questions or suggestions on the applique portion, comment below or reply by email.

Other Notes
Many have had difficulties getting the password to work; or had downloading issues, so I hope we can soon all get this quilt along going.... so we start making our quilt blocks.

I have sent the first email letter (Jan.11), with a new link to a new downloading page; and hope that I can get everyone on this mailing list. Once the quilt along is closed to new participants, it will be easier for me to send a few emails to individual people, if there are still missing lessons, not received.

I will update the pattern download; and hopefully, this will help anyone that joins after January 12, a better way to get to the lessons; until they start receiving the weekly email letter that provides the links to new lessons.

I believe if a pattern is updated; a notification is sent to previous purchasers. But if not, email me; and I will get you on the correct webpage. This new webpage link will be available and stay available for everyone that joins; after Jan.12; until closing on Jan.31. (So no more password issues.)

I've planned on adding all the new addresses for each week, to the mailing list; at the time each new lesson is send out; however, I know that you want to start as soon as possible. This may be helpful.

Once, I get the email letter sent out to include anyone that has joined up over the weekend, I'll also update the pattern download. If anyone that joined between Dec.24 and Jan.10; did not receive this email letter; please email me. I will add you to this next mailing or send you the link, to the correct page.

Happy Quilting.....

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