Sunday, December 18, 2011

No More Crumbs!

I have one more quilt top to show you this year. It started with crumbs... There are many great sites where this technique is explained; however, the place that inspired me started here. The project is called Crumb Chaos. For the photo that got me interested, please click here.

Basket of Scrap Pieces

After having used up a lot of my scraps, I figured I should give this crumb technique a try!!  So, with any remaining strings, I started adding bits and pieces. 

Adding Pieces to My Strings

It wasn't long before I had used up the strings and got frustrated with the messy pile, so I organized my pieces. This helped me sew up the remaining tidbits. Some pieces I cut up for my pillow stuffing, as this process was very tiring for me.

Sorting Scraps into Categories--By Size

When I first began, I thought I'd make 6.5" blocks, but it seemed a size I couldn't get too, so easily; so I opted to try 5" blocks. I had made several of these and then wanted to go smaller. That was when I decided I'd make them 3.5" in size. The really nice 5" blocks I saved, so I had 14 of these. The rest were the small size-3.5".

Blocks in Progress!

Crumb Blocks--finished size: 3.5"
The reason I decided to make the blocks 3.5" was to put them into a nine-patch block style. For placement of these blocks, I found a nine-patch design that I liked. With this nine-patch variation, I came up with my own layout for my crumb blocks. 

This meant I would need 196 crumb blocks. But, I was pretty much done with my scraps and tired of this process, so I replaced several blocks with 3.5" fabric pieces to complete the 49-block square, I desired. (In this example: Crumb blocks being replaced with: green, yellow, and red polka dot squares.)

Replacing Crumb Blocks with Plain Blocks

To sew them together into rows, I numbered each block. This makes it easier to get the order correct.

Numbering Block Placement

I always mark the side I need to stitch with a straight pin, so I can chain-piece them together without worry of getting block direction mixed up.  
Pins Mark the Edge to be Sewn

Here is how the finished 49-block piece turned out as shown hanging on the fridge door. (This one has 4 blue, 4 purple, 5 red polka dot pieces; and 36 crumb blocks.) 

Completed Block--49 small blocks in all!

Now, all I needed to do was sew these four large blocks together.  Oh, boy! I couldn't decide on fabrics and border styles, and finally got tired of using the seam ripper, so this was what I eventually ended up with...

Crumb Chaos Quilt Top

I added a 5" border and was able to use  four of my 5" crumb blocks for each corner. I had added a mock piping in white inside the border, and one in red polka dot around each corner block.

Mock Piping and Border Corners

Am I happy with the results... well, not really, but I am quite certain that this scrappy style isn't for me. But, I did give it a try, and that was the whole point of this adventure.

 My Finished Quilt Top
 Crumb Quilt-- (approx. size: 52" x 52")

Thanks to Patti Chartrand for inspiring me to try this scrappy technique as showcased on quilt gallery website and to Janet Wickell for the "More than a nine-patch" quilt block design.
If you wish to share your quilts, or the places that you love for this technique, I'd love to hear from you. Hope you enjoyed this project. Until next time... cheers to you all!!


Flora said...

Wow... that's almost overwhelming, all those little pieces and to sew them together would need some patience. Good job!

Patti said...

I think your quilt is lovely! I like the variations you made to my technique. And you are right - it is a very tiring process. The only thing that saved me was a huge desire to get through all those scraps and listening to fabulous audiobooks as I sewed. I've had enough of the process also LOL! I give my littlest scraps away now, and everything else is cut into standard quilt shapes. I have no crumbs, but boxes of triangles, bricks, square, strips etc. LOL!

Darlee said...

Thanks Patti. And that's the great thing about quilting, use it or give it away.