Sunday, July 11, 2010

Redwork Stitchery

QUILTING for the first time/ by Donna Kooler

Time to reveal my next project... I choose: Project 4 in the Beyond the Basics section of the book, "How do I frame needlework with a lattice-strip border?"

For any new quilters, this book is a great place to start!

All of the projects are small and need very little time to complete. Here you can find simple projects that will be a great beginning to discover if quilting is what you wish to pursue, under three sections: Quilting Basics, Basic Techniques, Beyond the Basics.

Book, Fabrics

I decided to try the redwork stitchery to see how I liked it. As, is usually the case, one doesn’t wish to spend much time, money, or resources to see if a new technique will work for us.

Embroidery was the first technique I learned when I was a young person. I really enjoyed it and liked sewing with lots of different colors. So, I thought this project would be a good choice for trying out if I liked stitching with only one color.

Also, this project was done about the time we learned that we’d be moving, so a small project definitely helped me stay focused and get it completed quickly.

 Penciled design on fabric, red embroidery thread

Stitchery completed

What I discovered was that I still love color, so found it not as exciting as if I had used more colors. However, it was quick to stitch the small design and put it together. I also found doing the embroidery stitches easy and fun. I would however, use a different hoop and perfer working on a larger design!

Once the lattice-strips are sewn together and then added to each side, the tabs are attached. Then the layers are assembled and stitched, leaving a small opening. It is turned with right sides out and the opening is stitched closed.

Adding the tabs to the top

Layering the top, batting and backing

The following photos show the finished results. If it had been a school project, I would have lost marks as one of the borders was cut incorrectly. However, my results were to see how I liked redwork stitchery and that was accomplished.



My Finished Quilt
Approx. Size: 9” X 10” (doesn't include the tabs)

If you wish to see what books are being featured this summer, you can also check out my website for more details. Next project (July 25) will involve using selvages... using the Square In A Square technique.

Enjoy your quilting journey in 2010!


Flora said...

That's cute! I like how the red thread matches the border..

Heather said...

What a great way to finish that project. I have a number of redwork pieces that are just sitting there doing nothing. This would be a way to get them out where I could enjoy them. Thanks.