Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Button Reveal

What is it about buttons? Are they just practical, decorative, beautiful, colorful or all of these? Or does this photo explain it all?

If so many of us love to collect them, why are they stashed in simple boxes or bags to not be seen, until needed for a project? Hopefully, we aren't embarrassed that we have so many, or else... perhaps it's time to have a button party and share them with others!

I recently blogged about the book, “Turning Twenty... Again” and was honoured to receive such a wonderful email from the author. And when I checked out her weblog, I found she displays her button collection in such beautiful containers, I thought I'd include the link to that particular posting. So, if you wish, go take a look and see if they inspire you to do the same with your buttons!!

Yes, it definitely takes a lot of buttons to fill all those fancy containers….

This inspired me to get my buttons out of their various sizes of ziploc bags and out of that worn old brown box they were stored in and out to where I could enjoy them. I found out that I don't have near as many, but why not display them, anyway!

Two Simple Jars

Buttons On High

I do realize that it will be much harder to get to those on the bottom, but for now they are available to view. And it will be delightful to pour them out into a tray or baking dish when I wish to make selections for that next great project.

Seems to me… that running my fingers through an assortment of buttons is as delightful as playing in the dirt when doing a gardening project. So, there you go…

Enjoy your buttons and all those cool items that make creating so much fun!!

quilting for the first time

My eleventh project will be shared next week...
Quilting For the First Time/ Donna Kooler

More Books...
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Enjoy your quilting adventure for... 2010!!

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Flora said...

Yes, I think buttons are pretty neat too.. all those colors and sizes, maybe I will find a nice jar to put my buttons on display. It may be a very small container for now, since I have only a few at the moment. Thanks for the ideas.