Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quilt Book Picks

As I work through my library of quilting books, I have found a renewed interest in exploring the techniques they offer. These projects will wait for our discovery of them, but for how long... before they become old?

Quilting Books

Some techniques are challenging,
some become favourites,
and some may not seem suitable for our skill level,
but do deserve a good attempt.

at the beginning of a project,
I feel it will not turn out to be a positive experience,
but am surprised
when I change my mind and
seriously consider attempting another project,
at some later time.

Questions to Ponder??

Are there any quilting books that I own and still haven’t used
yet, but consider trying soon?
Do I know anyone that has published their own quilting book?

Have I seen an interesting technique lately, and know about
a quilt book that is available?

Next time...
I will be taking two weeks off from posting. See you back here in June. If you wish to see what books are being featured you can also check out my website for more details. 

Enjoy your quilting journey... for 2010!!

1 comment:

Flora said...

OK.. I'll be looking forward to your return and seeing what new projects you will attempt. In the meantime, all the best to you!