Friday, February 13, 2015

Change is Good, Right?

I must confess...

The anticipated 2015 Applique Mystery Quilt is no where to be found! Last time I checked, it was still nicely stored up in my imagination; and it has not progressed past the initial stage that it was in from last year.


CHANGE - too little and life can be boring; however, too much of it and stuff can really get in the way of creative progress. Anyways, that's how it feels to me.

I still want to design the project that resides in my head; however, the desire to go to that next step has eluded me. And then, when too much time passes by; the gears don't seem to want to restart.

So, in order for me to get back to my sewing room and do some actual sewing/quilting, I figured perhaps, small goals would enable this forward motion a chance to flow.

And because I don't particularly like unfinished projects hanging around; feel if I could get those few UFOs done from 2014, I'd have more energy to design new ones.

I will begin with my pieced string blocks. And make it into a fun BOM with a twist. One that allows you to make one block at a time into a mini quilt; or make and save the individual blocks to create a wall or larger size quilt in due course.


1.) Create an applique design that suits the color theme presented in the current blocks.
2.) Perhaps add some other ideas to make pieced string blocks without the applique. And which, could be made as filler blocks to make a wall or larger size quilt.

From these, if anyone wishes to follow along; and make them, I will be posting on my other blog: Quilt Strings when they are available.

Chocolate Hearts - available now and free for this month


Other block titles in the works:
      Country Cabin
      Flower Patch
      Outdoor Adventure
      Sail Away

Quilt It With Me...

So thank you for those that have requested to be part of the 2015 Applique Mystery Quilt. When I do get to that place that the project is ready to share, I will email those on the list. I, however, cannot say at this time when that will happen. Thanks for your interest and patience.


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