Saturday, February 1, 2014

Quilt Along Layout

It was only a few weeks ago, that this project began. And I have already enjoyed seeing some of your work and look forward to seeing your final layouts; when we get to the end of this project.


As promised, I am ready to share some more details... on the quilt's layout. I know we are not ready to assemble these quilt blocks, yet; however, it'll give you more options, if your block sizes vary in future projects.

For anyone wishing to make a smaller or larger rendition of this project, here is how you can adjust the block's sizes to fit your own.

The original design...
calls for 10 nine-patch blocks intermixed with interesting applique blocks. So when my nine patch blocks were smaller then my design called for; I decided to make up a quilt anyway, using these blocks.

At that time, I had decided I would use my nine patch blocks with blank applique blocks to show you how to adjust the size to fit this pattern's layout.  This will also work with larger blocks.

The pieced blocks coming in weeks 12 and 13 are still hidden to be revealed later on.

So here it is....
This is how you can resize the applique blocks to fit your pieced blocks, regardless of the block size, required.

For Sections 1 and 4; the quilt calls for six blocks in these two sizes:  5" x 5" and a 5" x 9.5". Now what I needed to do was resize them to match my nine patch blocks that were only 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" in size.

Cut six blocks the same size as your pieced blocks. (My example here is: 4 3/4".) Then... to resize the second set of blocks, lay two of these 4 3/4" squares, side by side, as shown below.

Two blocks (each: 4 3/4" x 4 3/4")

On the ruler, we see the total length is 9 1/2". To cut the other six blocks, make them 1/2" shorter and cut these six blocks at: 4 3/4" x 9". (If desired, you could add this 1/2" and then trim the blocks in a later step.)

In this post, we will be working with only sections one and four. I will reveal the other two sections in a later post.
Both sections use the same blocks in their layouts. Section 1 fits at the top left-hand corner and Section 4 fits at the bottom right-hand corner of the quilt. 
For the quilt along, we are creating each unfinished block, one at a time, in order that we have the flexibility to rearrange our pieced blocks and applique blocks, as desired. Plus, this allows the applique mystery to unfold block by block.
However, in these examples, to help demonstrate the layout, at this time; the applique blocks are left blank (shown in this example in white). I will be adding the appliques, later.
To create these two sections....
Lay out the blocks, stitch into rows, and then into a section. (Section 1 is demonstrated here.)

Laying Out the Blocks

1) Prepare all the blocks; both pieced (nine-patch); and applique blocks (shown in white here).
2) Arrange your blocks, as desired to fit this layout.
Blocks Sewn Into Rows
3) Sew these eight blocks together into three separate rows. 
4) Then join these three rows into a group, which I refer here as a section.

Once these blocks are stitched together into this configuration; measure all four blocks before trimming. Because I have already made the other two blocks, I knew my final measurement would be 13" x 13" for these four blocks.  (Examples below are not trimmed yet.)
SECTION 1: Blocks Sewn Together
SECTION 4: Blocks Sewn Together

When all four sections are sewn together, we will measure the width of the quilt top across its center and cut our border lengths to fit this measurement. That instruction will be given in April; when we get to that stage of this project.

Happy Quilting!!


bellezza squillace said...

I am SO loving your guidance and deeply appreciate the creativity you put into every aspect of this quilt-along.

Darlee Byron said...

Thank you bellezza. This is great news. I enjoy sharing my ideas with this group.

Garnhekta said...

Thanks for making this. I just love it.

Darlee Byron said...

Thank you Garnhekta. I love seeing all the amazing variations in these blocks.