Sunday, December 29, 2013

Just Add Color

Almost time to begin my new adventure.... 
Life’s A Journey—Applique Mystery Quilt A-Long—2014

Are you ready to create your own stunning wall-hanging quilt? Then… bring along your imagination, sewing skills, and a basket of fabric scraps or pieces; to unravel this online applique mystery and enjoy a captivating quilting experience, with a delightful group of quilters, that have joined—from around the world.

This 17-week project will enable you to create a unique and special quilt that should evoke special memories to cherish—whether it is for yourself or someone you love.

It is my hope, that this project will be a nice distraction from winter; for anyone that finds the many months of cold and snow, a complete drain on the living—really only perfect for quilting!!

For new information and to follow along; I plan to use twitter to post when new things are happening; and adding to my blog to make the weekly lessons come to life. Feel free to join me; to see what's new. 

To join, check out this adventure with the pattern download at my Craftsy store. Particular information and finished blocks will only be available to those that have joined; it closes 31-January-2014.

Everything we experience brings us different results, as we journey through this lifetime—some are happy; some are sad; some belong to us; some only to others; and some we all share in common.

Therefore, each applique was chosen to evoke either a special memory or dream, in our minds; and then transform these chosen black-and-white images into colorful quilt blocks. If nothing significant translates, find an image with colors you love.

When selecting colors; I suggest:
  1. Using lighter colors for the background to allow the applique to standout on the block. (Or vice versa, if you like lighter images and a darker background.)
  2. Focus on the design--week by week--and create the perfect applique with colors that bring forth the intended memory it evokes, one block at a time.
  3. This will create the ultimate scrappy quilt in colors that bring each design to life.

As a child, I loved coloring books. Those black and white pages were just waiting to be transformed by creative imagination and a box of crayons, each time they were opened.

Therefore, I have taking this concept a step further with a grown-up twist…using applique and quilting. By replacing those coloring book pages and crayons with a scrappy quilt pattern and colorful cotton fabrics; bringing along that same creative imagination to create a delightful scrappy wall-hanging quilt.

As this is the last post for 2013, I wish you all a blessed and Happy New Year…2014!!

Join me for the first installment of this scrappy applique mystery quilt a-long on Sundays, beginning January 5, 2014. Check back then; to begin this creative journey.


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