Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's A Mystery Quilt!!

Desiring a way to say 'thank-you' for all those amazing people from around the world that stopped by to check out my quilting patterns in 2013; I have this new project to share with you... as we all begin this NEW YEAR, together. (FREE to join, until January 31, 2014.)


This design evolved from the idea...
that a group of orphan quilt blocks that I had made, needed a place to shine; as they had not yet made it into a quilt of their own. Perhaps, it was that they weren't really very exciting all on their own. Or, maybe I had just forgotten about them. So, why not add them to a variety of applique blocks to create a really unique quilt?

Now, this to me gets more exciting... since I love to do machine applique and using fabrics from my own stash, let's make it a scrappy applique mystery quilt!!

To have a mystery, one needs a place to go to discover all of its secrets... so that was when I thought it would work great as a quilt a-long with as many people as would like to share in this adventure. Having had the joy of sharing my quilting designs over the past year; it was time to give back. And, now it is ready to begin.... Merry Christmas to all; and to all a good night!!  This gift is now ready to open on Christmas Eve.

For more details and opportunity to join me, check out my Craftsy store anytime before January 31, 2014 to join for FREE. After that it will disappear.... (it may come back; but that is still a secret)

May peace and joy descend upon you; this festive time of year!! Thank you so much for joining me in this adventure.

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