Saturday, December 14, 2013

Evaluating 2013


In only a few weeks, it'll be time to re-evaluate our progress for 2013. Funny really, that so much fuss over the end of 2012 was made; and now it's almost 2014!! Am hoping that a better world for all... is still possible... for the peoples of Earth!! Still a dreamer....

So, my own evaluation begins....

DIDN'T WORK: After a whole year of trying out new ways and places to blog, I think I'm coming back to this one. I really do enjoy designing the layouts and adding posts; however, to have high speed and unlimited internet use are neither of my options, at the present time.

SOLUTION: So.....I've decided to rejoin Twitter to have one place to share when I add new blog posts, patterns, and ideas, etc.; and not put pressure on myself to feel discouraged with my costly and limited internet service provider. (A worthy goal for a new year coming soon.)

PROBLEM: My sewing machine lost its ability to wind up bobbins; and as I couldn't spare it, in order to get it fixed, I needed another solution. Maybe in the spring, it can be repaired.

SOLUTION: So... I found a way to wind them up manually. This was really helpful. Then, the other day, I finally had opportunity to see if another sewing machine would be able to fill some bobbins; and it worked. Now, I have twelve full bobbins in three different colors, ready for more projects. I had really forgotten how a full bobbin looked; as hand winding is tiresome, but it works.

Room Layouts...
DIDN'T WORK: I still love moving around the furniture--however, I generally need extra muscle power to get it done, painlessly . So that has to fit into the plan. In need of consideration were the living room and the sewing room.
With the living room, it was too cold in winter for my computer/office desk area. And, upstairs in my sewing area, it was too hot and the line-up of cooling fans had priority there.

Thank you to my sons, for their strength and patience. Now, walking into my living room, it feels like one is stepping into another house. It is so refreshing to see this arrangement working. My office desk is now near an inside wall, and I can view the TV without turning around; the two large pieces of furniture are in new locations; and those ugly, whitish drapes are finally gone!!

It was after much deliberation, stalling, and procrastination.... that my living room now has a new appearance. That day, I had the extra muscle power and the plan in place for this new arrangement.

I had ample opportunity to try new room arrangements; but it didn't work for long. Each time it felt better; but it just wouldn't last! The two giants to cope with here were: the spare mattress set and the sloping ceiling. It was my sewing room that saw the most changes. Well, you know... if it doesn't work you find another way!!

So... after closing up cracks around the small doorframe that resided in a corner area behind the bathroom that let in unwanted residents; a carpet cleaning, and removing two shelves in the slanted ceiling cabinet areas; it was time to put back the furniture.

The cabinet area now fits my white banker's boxes, and other stuff; and the mattresses are set against one of the slanted walls, away from the cabinet doors. This got rid of the clutter of boxes, and a better place for the mattresses. And the carpet is so much easier to vacuum, each week.

I really love this arrangement: there's an area for the cutting table and fabric shelf; an area for the sewing machine; an area for my laptop, when needed; and space for an antique sewing machine. The ironing pad also utilizes the same space as the cutting mat. My three white storage towers sit in front of the mattresses; and can easily be moved, when our special little guests have a sleepover.

I look forward to sharing my progress of new projects with you, as internet time permits. Best wishes to all; and may we all have time to dream up a list of worthy goals for 2014!!

Now, just to make that snow melt... and get more outdoor time!! That wish may just take some time to come. Merry Holidays!!

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