Friday, March 23, 2012

Try an eBook!!

Happen to be home and look out the window to see it snowing again! And the temperature isn't that great, either! Well, then that seems like the perfect time to go shopping online, if you need more quilting ideas, that is...


Haven't got time to go shopping; much less, browsing through lots of books to find one that you want to purchase? Going online is very easy and it can be really fun to find that perfect book and have it on your desktop in mere minutes.


But you ask!! How can I actually look inside those books to see if there are any projects that really call attention to themselves? Well, here's a great site that allows you all that and more....

This is why I love to look at quilting books at Martingale. They provide a good look inside their books, making it really fun to see what projects are actually there to make. Almost as good as browsing through a book in a real bookstore or quilt shop. Except no tired feet!


This month I've opted to check out what it is like to buy a quilt eBook. Even though, you won't be able to touch it and turn its pages like a printed book, it still makes it possible to print it out yourself.

My reason for this.... the Weekly Wow! at Martingale. Who doesn't love a good bargain and save 40% off the regular price!! These were the titles available when I made my purchase. If none appeal, then wait and check back to see which new titles are discounted. Have fun!!

So I choose:
Skinny Quilts & Table Runners, edited by Eleanor Levie.

More about this book, coming next week..........

If you haven't yet checked out this website, go take a look! There is quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, crafts, and much more. Or, want to subscribe to their new blog and get free gifts, enter here.