Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Dress

The Project: Sailing Away
(Boy: short-sleeved t-shirt, shortalls, cap; Girl: pleated dress with felt shoes)

These are shown on the front cover of the book. I have made the pleated dress with a slightly different color arrangement and embellishment. I did not have any felt to make the shoes; however, they look pretty easy to do.

Project: Sailing Away

The doll is 18" tall. I had given her to my granddaughter in 2010. As I did not have the doll's measurements, I just made it in the size to fit a 17-19" doll. I went back into my photo files and actually found the doll and it looked like this:

[designer girl--18"]

I have made the pleated dress in a green/brown pinstripe and embellished above the pleats with green buttons; and the collar and cuffs in a contrasting color. The back is closed with a strip of narrow velcro that reaches from the collar all the way to the hem.
The Dress

Closeup of Emily

On the Family Day (Feb. 20) long weekend, I had the opportunity to take some pictures of the dress on the doll. Her hair is messy, and the dress is rather wrinkled, but here it shows how the dress fits.

Front of Dress

Back of Dress

It was fun to make this dress; and afterwards I tried making some Barbie doll clothes. That seemed at first to be quite an adjustment; however, it actually did work out. After taking so much time looking for these photos, I think I'll wait until next week, to show you what else I made.

Thanks for taking a look. Have a creative week...


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