Thursday, February 23, 2012

Doll Clothes

Sometimes Small Is Better

Do you love sewing large quilts? Or is it time for something different, let's say, doll size? Doll quilts are really fun and make a quick project. How about making clothing for dolls!

For myself, I really do prefer smaller quilt  projects, but sometimes trying something really different is a welcome change. 

Book of the Month
February 2012

Sew Baby Doll Clothes by Joan Hinds

When deciding which book to feature next, I was reminded at Christmastime how much fun it was to sew doll clothes and thought this would be a great book to share with you. 
Joan Hinds has several great books and if you are able to buy or borrow them from a library they give lots more inspiration for creating doll items for those special little people in our lives.
If you want to try some different fabrics this book includes: cotton, flannel, fleece, denim, knit, velour, stretch terry, sweatshirt fleece, and a variety of embellishing materials.  The items in the projects list with an * beside them are knitted garments.
To take a look inside this book:
Instructions and Full-Size Patterns for 30+ Projects for 12" to 22" Dolls.
What Dolls Will These Patterns Fit?
        Sizes: Small--12-13", Medium--14-16", Large--17-19", X-Large--20-22"
Small-- includes Gotz Muffin, Corolle Cailin, Zapf Creation dolls
Medium-- includes Bitty Baby, Bitty Twins by Pleasant
Large-- includes Adora Doll, Corolle and Gotz Maxi-Muffin, Gotz baby dolls
X-Large-- includes Adora Doll, Zapf Creation, Berenguer dolls
The doll I sewed for is a My American Doll - 18" doll.
There is a great chart on page 7 to figure out which pattern size will best suit the dolls you have to work with. Joan says the most important measurements are: neck circumference, waist, and shoulder width. Choose the size category that is closest to these measurements.
Baby Doll Layette
     (diaper cover, diaper shirt, bonnet, booties, bib, bunting)
Sailing Away
     (short-sleeved t-shirt, shortalls, cap; pleated dress with felt shoes)
Under Construction
     (long-sleeved t-shirt, coveralls, cap; blouse, girl's coveralls, ruffled hat)
Bonjour Velour
     (top with ruffled hem, beret, pants)
Denim Play Date
     (short-sleeved t-shirt, denim pants with bib; knit shirt, denim jumper)
     (jacket, pants, cap)
Winter Wonderland
     (jacket, pants, hat)
Gone Fishin'
     (bib overalls, shirt, cap; jumper, long-sleeved t-shirt, wide-brimmed hat)
Tees for Two
     (t-shirt dress, jacket)
Summer Fruit
     (strawberry dress, panties, cap; watermelon dress, cap, panties)
Fresh as a Daisy
     (daisy dress, panties, headband)
     (nightshirt, cap, slippers; pajama top, cap, pajama pants)
Butterfly Kisses
     (cap*, booties*, sweater*, cuffed pants)
Warm and Cozy
     (cardigan*, pants, stocking cap*)
Party Favor
     (baby's first birthday dress, patternless pinafore)
Shining Star
     (baby's first christmas dress, patternless pinafore, headband)
Gingerbread Holiday
     (button-down shirt, bow tie, pants; gingerbread dress, headband)
Christening Gown
     (christening gown, bonnet)
Baby Doll Essentials--quilts and blankets
     (chenille hearts quilt; embroidered squares quilt)
     (knitted blanket; celebration blanket; fleece blankets; applique flannel blanket)
     (hooded bath blanket)
As we weren't able to visit family over the last several years, it became our custom to send our gifts to arriving in the new year, allowing our grandchildren something fun after all the excitment of Christmas was already past.
So in December 2011, I got busy creating some cute doll items for my granddaughters. And will share with you next week what I sent them. Some are not from this book but it was a special treat to revisit that genre of sewing.
Happy Quilting,

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