Saturday, November 12, 2011

Motivation Please Kick In!

After my "2010 Quilt Technique Challenge" was over, and many months later, it was a challenge just to find where to start again. 

One of my favorite things about quilting that I still enjoy is--cutting fabric!! And, I still want to use up (at least attempt) my fabric stash. I do have lots of fabrics that have been in the fabric cabinet, long enough.  Therefore, finding projects that are not brand-name, trendy, or design specific, I will try to use up those old fabrics, before buying new ones.

So... why not sort through those old magazines and quilt books to see what would spark that new direction. It didn't seem to be working, and that was when I decided to cut up those old magazines and make a collection of ones that brought some inspiration.

Binder 2--Patterns

Storm at Sea was the project that would begin my 2011 quilt journey. It is from an old magazine: Love of Quilting--September/October 2006. Designed by: John Flynn.

Storm at Sea

Here is how it went together:

Light/medium fabrics:
-- cut strips, squares, half-square triangles; cut strips, squares, diamonds; cut strips, squares, squares, half-square triangles.

Dark fabrics:
-- cut strips, squares, quarter square triangles; cut strips, triangles; cut strips, squares, quarter-square triangles.

Needless to say; further, a lot of cutting from approximately 16 different fabric colors. Did I say I love cutting?  And, so it was.

Storm at Sea-Instructions

At the time, I didn't take many pictures, or if I did, can't seem to find them. Or, perhaps I did not take any of the quilting process. Sorry, about that!

My projects, for the most part, will only go to the finished quilt top stage, unless they are small quilts and I feel like finishing them, as I go. Finishing them may mean buying new fabrics, so that stage will be done later on.

Here is the quilt top shown on the floor:

Storm at Sea - approx. 40”w X 52”L

For more on John's quilts, visit:

Hope you enjoyed this project. Until next time... cheers to you all!

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Flora said...

I like the colors in the Storm at Sea quilt.