Sunday, October 17, 2010

Organizing Fabric

How do you organize your quilting fabrics?

Every task is easier when the items we require for a project are readily available as we need them.

Sometimes that isn’t always possible, but when it is we should really plan out our work space to make the best use of our time where we can sit down and stitch for a few minutes to all day.

I was able to purchase a buffet and hutch, last year, that I loved using for my fabrics and supplies. It being the first time I had ever owned such a fine piece of furniture, it really looked good filled with fabrics.

That was then…

Of course, most people have it in their dining room filled with fine china and an assortment of dishes that may not get used very often, but it is a great place to display them.

Sadly, mine is now used in the kitchen for dishes, cups, and other stuff that doesn’t fit into the cabinets. Because there are so few upper cabinets it really was necessary.

However... when I think about it, it is much better then storing kitchen stuff in boxes. That is probably much worse then storing fabrics in boxes.  Or is it?

This is now…

Sometimes… we get a whole room for our quilting and then at other times that space needs to be shared within another room.

So, here I have replaced the hutch and buffet with a cabinet that still can hold my fabrics. I do miss the drawers but it is right next to my cutting table and that works good, too!

I don’t have as much time to sew at the present time, but when the workspace is tidy… a few minutes here and there still adds up to some fine quilting time!!

So what am I waiting for!!  Enjoy those moments of creative bliss…

Next week…

My seventeenth project will be shared next week...
Bonnet Girls/ Helen R. Scott

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Flora said...

I really liked your hutch. The cupboard is nice too. It keeps everyone in one place and yes, easy to find when needed. Am looking forward to next week's project.

Sharyn said...

very nice!