Sunday, October 10, 2010

Japanese Family Crests

Circles of the East/ Kumiko Sudo

Time to reveal my next project... I finally decided on “Peony” on page 26.

[Book, Fabrics]

There are so many beautiful designs… that to make my decision, I had someone draw a slip of paper out of a bowl, so I could finally get started.

Making the Pick Easy

All the pieces were cut from the different fabrics and fused onto the background block.

Ready for Stitching the Edges

Each piece was stitched with a matching thread using a zigzag stitch. It isn’t too difficult to change these threads when you use the same colour in the bobbin.

Matching Thread

All the pieces have been stitched and the layers sewn together. I stitched through all the layers using an echo stitch around the design.

Ready to BindDSC00072

All the patterns in this book are small like this one and very quick to stitch up. Another option would be to make a variety of these crests and then add sashing and borders to make a larger quilt.

Since I borrowed this book from a public library, I was happy to get one done before the book was ready to be returned. There are many more great projects that deserve another look.

My Finished Project
DSC00367 (2)
Finished size: 14” x 14”

As this is a long weekend, [Thanksgiving] we enjoyed a turkey dinner with family and I got some homework finished before getting down to writing up this entry.

Enjoy your week… and remember to take time for yourself to enjoy a hobby.


Flora said...

I liked the thought of the peony flower. Reminded me of summer still ahead. The earlier background looks white with green swirls which I liked, but the finished quilt looks blue. I liked a green background more than the blue. Hmmm.. maybe I should change my blue rooms to green. Oh goody more painting! Happy Thanksgiving!

Heather said...

Turned out lovely. I like to use a buttonhole stitch for the edge when it is fused. Shows less thread so I don't have to worry some much about matching threads.
It looks lovely.

Darlee Byron said...

Thanks for your comments!! My finished quilt was taken in the kitchen where there wasn't much light at the time. Close-ups usually show more colour detail.