Sunday, October 3, 2010

Autumn Colours

I find it so inspiring to watch as Mother Earth paints nature with those wonderful reds, purples, yellows, oranges, and browns! How about you?

Where I live it has warmed up this week to give us a few more days of summerlike weather before all those pretty leaves are blown off onto the ground. And the season turns it way to those colder months.

But here’s a few reminders that make this time of year my all time favourite.


I had the opportunity to share my quilt challenge projects with my local quilt guild, last week. It was really very interesting to see all my quilts spread out on the two tables. And, also to see everyone so interested in what I had accomplished. A quilt journey like this can really stretch one’s skill level and experiences. As I know seeing someone else’s work can inspire me to try new techniques and venture further along the path of discovery.

As I go into the fourth quarter of sharing with you the quilt books I’ve explored, hope you have the courage to try new things this year and add more depth to your skill levels. Or, perhaps, set some quilting objectives to reach for in the coming months and new year.


My sixteenth project will be shared next week...

Circles of the East/ Kumiko Sudo

More Book Titles...
If you wish to see more quilting books you can check out my website for more details. Those books reviewed are listed on the "featured" page.


Flora said...

Aren't those colors just spectacular! I love it!

Darlee Byron said...

Indeed they are!! Thanks for stopping by.