Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bonnet Girls

Bonnet Girls/ Helen R. Scott

Time to reveal my next project... I chose “Maureen” on page 68.

Book, Fabrics

I found this book during my online search for appropriate quilting techniques to fill the A-Z topics on my website. And, was happy to borrow it from the library system this fall. I am pleased to share with you the one I created from the book.

I find this style of dress so appealing. I know they probably weren't very easy to launder and keep clean back in those days when women wore them. But, it was certainly fun to create one for this quilt.


After choosing my fabrics, cutting out the applique pieces, and deciding on the embellishment features; it was time to assemble the pattern.

I attached the applique pieces using the fusible web method and using the buttonhole stitch to sew around all the edges. Any places where straight lines were needed, I used the straight stitch on the machine to create the folds in the dress skirt and underskirt. I found a scrap piece of narrow lace that was just the right length for the bottom of the dress.

Assembly of Pieces

Embellishments added to the design were hemming lace for the scarf and belt; a flower for the hat, and lace for the bottom of the dress. The stitching adds the rest of the details.

Top of Design
Close-up of the Hat

Close-up of the Scarf

I didn't have any fabric that would work for the dog, so I used a white sateen. Then.. I added a machine zigzag stitch around the edges and added hand embroidery stitches to make the spots, face, and gold chain.

Bottom of Design

Close-up of the Underskirt

Binding and Mock Piping

Close-up of the Dog and the Quilting

I really enjoyed making this quilt and would be interested in checking out more of the designs in the book. I only used one pattern, but the designs lend themselves well to incorporate several into a larger center block. Or, one could make several small blocks and add them into one quilt with sashing and extra borders.

My Quilt
Finished size: 16 1/2" x 20 1/4"

Enjoy your stitching time... and try to relax as you plan your activities for the upcoming festive season!!  I see it better to think in terms of "less is more" then overtasking your resources and energy to do it all.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Organizing Fabric

How do you organize your quilting fabrics?

Every task is easier when the items we require for a project are readily available as we need them.

Sometimes that isn’t always possible, but when it is we should really plan out our work space to make the best use of our time where we can sit down and stitch for a few minutes to all day.

I was able to purchase a buffet and hutch, last year, that I loved using for my fabrics and supplies. It being the first time I had ever owned such a fine piece of furniture, it really looked good filled with fabrics.

That was then…

Of course, most people have it in their dining room filled with fine china and an assortment of dishes that may not get used very often, but it is a great place to display them.

Sadly, mine is now used in the kitchen for dishes, cups, and other stuff that doesn’t fit into the cabinets. Because there are so few upper cabinets it really was necessary.

However... when I think about it, it is much better then storing kitchen stuff in boxes. That is probably much worse then storing fabrics in boxes.  Or is it?

This is now…

Sometimes… we get a whole room for our quilting and then at other times that space needs to be shared within another room.

So, here I have replaced the hutch and buffet with a cabinet that still can hold my fabrics. I do miss the drawers but it is right next to my cutting table and that works good, too!

I don’t have as much time to sew at the present time, but when the workspace is tidy… a few minutes here and there still adds up to some fine quilting time!!

So what am I waiting for!!  Enjoy those moments of creative bliss…

Next week…

My seventeenth project will be shared next week...
Bonnet Girls/ Helen R. Scott

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If you wish to see more quilting books you can check out my website for more details. Those books reviewed are listed on the "featured" page.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Japanese Family Crests

Circles of the East/ Kumiko Sudo

Time to reveal my next project... I finally decided on “Peony” on page 26.

[Book, Fabrics]

There are so many beautiful designs… that to make my decision, I had someone draw a slip of paper out of a bowl, so I could finally get started.

Making the Pick Easy

All the pieces were cut from the different fabrics and fused onto the background block.

Ready for Stitching the Edges

Each piece was stitched with a matching thread using a zigzag stitch. It isn’t too difficult to change these threads when you use the same colour in the bobbin.

Matching Thread

All the pieces have been stitched and the layers sewn together. I stitched through all the layers using an echo stitch around the design.

Ready to BindDSC00072

All the patterns in this book are small like this one and very quick to stitch up. Another option would be to make a variety of these crests and then add sashing and borders to make a larger quilt.

Since I borrowed this book from a public library, I was happy to get one done before the book was ready to be returned. There are many more great projects that deserve another look.

My Finished Project
DSC00367 (2)
Finished size: 14” x 14”

As this is a long weekend, [Thanksgiving] we enjoyed a turkey dinner with family and I got some homework finished before getting down to writing up this entry.

Enjoy your week… and remember to take time for yourself to enjoy a hobby.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Autumn Colours

I find it so inspiring to watch as Mother Earth paints nature with those wonderful reds, purples, yellows, oranges, and browns! How about you?

Where I live it has warmed up this week to give us a few more days of summerlike weather before all those pretty leaves are blown off onto the ground. And the season turns it way to those colder months.

But here’s a few reminders that make this time of year my all time favourite.


I had the opportunity to share my quilt challenge projects with my local quilt guild, last week. It was really very interesting to see all my quilts spread out on the two tables. And, also to see everyone so interested in what I had accomplished. A quilt journey like this can really stretch one’s skill level and experiences. As I know seeing someone else’s work can inspire me to try new techniques and venture further along the path of discovery.

As I go into the fourth quarter of sharing with you the quilt books I’ve explored, hope you have the courage to try new things this year and add more depth to your skill levels. Or, perhaps, set some quilting objectives to reach for in the coming months and new year.


My sixteenth project will be shared next week...

Circles of the East/ Kumiko Sudo

More Book Titles...
If you wish to see more quilting books you can check out my website for more details. Those books reviewed are listed on the "featured" page.