Sunday, September 12, 2010


Welcome to Autumn

it’s just time for a change or a new challenge,
so I gave myself permission
to get out of that dull routine that had lasted long enough
and last week I…

went back to school!! I am taking courses to get a certificate in
Applied Business Technology at a local college.

Since I sit all day, I hoped to get in some days where walking to class was an option…

Even though the first two days were rainy, the other two days were great for walking. I find it so refreshing to get out of the house each morning and challenge myself with new things to learn each day.

All that quilting that I did over the summer has really given me more time for adjusting to my new routine. And, I’m loving it, too... since some of that quilting time is now spent in doing homework.

Most of my textbooks…
DSC00817Term 1 Courses
Accounting, Admin Procedures, MS Outlook, Keyboarding,
Business English, Human Relations, Intro to Computing, MS Word
(missing: Business Math, Greig Reference Manual)

I love change; and believe learning something new always adds more purpose to life. Don’t get me wrong, I love quilting, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to do each and every day; and staying home just to cook and clean, that seems old news.

  • the autumn leaves,
  • the cooler days,
  • regular activities starting back up. 

Since our move in late May, things have really changed a lot for all of us. Perhaps, you also have embarked on something new or more challenging…

But… if your regular routine already seems dull and boring and all you feel like doing is letting out a huge yawn, why not STITCH up a great new story for your life. Then go ahead… and live it out in a style that keeps you inspired!!

If you have the opportunity to join in a local quilt guild, I say, go for it!! New people, new techniques, and lots of laughs and fun times await, if you dare!!

Adventures await… are you ready?

DO… stay tuned for my weekly posts and quilt book reviews, as those will continue…  I have a few projects that are now finished are waiting in line to be featured on my regular book review posts.


fuse and tell

My fifteenth project will be shared next week...
Fuse-and-Tell Journal Quilts/ Laura Wasilowski

More Book Titles...
If you wish to see more quilting books you can check out my website for more details. Those books reviewed are listed on the "featured" page.

As your fall routine takes shape… and you plot out your new activities, remember to schedule in some personal time to add balance. Life should have both work and play times!


Diane H said...

Bravo Darlee! A++ to you for heading back to school - what a wonderful way to celebrate Fall.
Best of luck to you!

Flora said...

Well, it sounds like you are still eager to learn something new. That's a real positive attitude to have. I hope it will continue to be exciting for you and lead to more opportunities! Enjoy!

Heather said...

Oh wow, good luck to you. I should sign up for another course, just haven't bothered to look yet. All the creative writing classes are offered online so they start monthly.