Sunday, August 15, 2010

Taking a Break

I am feeling rather tired from… quilting, quilting, and quilting!!

Rather then working on my quilt challenge projects on a weekly basis, like slow and steady… I’ve been trying to stay ahead of my schedule.

Two reasons for this being…
     (1.) Our move in the spring which I already knew could really disrupt a quilting routine. So, that worked out beautifully as I was able to have the time to somewhat get organized and be able to continue with my blog posts.
     (2.) The other reason, is that I’m starting something new in the fall and want to be sure I have time for it. More on that in two weeks… Regular posting will be back August 29, 2010.

So, why not take a break away from your work schedule and do something new or do nothing at all!! As the autumn season approaches, or whatever it happens to be for you, see if you can take time out of your normal routine to enjoy time for yourself.

earth healing day

Also today is: Earth Healing Day – August 15, 2010. For more on that check out their website

I recommend that you ENJOY YOUR LIFE as that is a very important part of why humans are having this earthly experience. If that isn't your present experience, see if you can begin to change small things that will get you back on track so that your life is rewarding and joyful.

See you in two weeks...

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Flora said...

Enjoy your break! I find I usually work really hard at projects and then suddenly one day I'm done and it's time to move on. The summer is going by very quickly and yes the smell of fall is in the air. Yesterday we were working outside digging in the dirt and I said it sort of feels like fall. Like when the kids go back to school and the harvest begins and frost.. Hmm... kind of hard to believe!