Sunday, August 29, 2010

Outside the Box


To relax… and just enjoy living can at times be really difficult to do. This may have been the very reason, hobbies were invented. Some people have the tendency to worry too much or fret about the rules…  so having hobbies helps us to remember to take time to have fun.


So, if you were to ask yourself questions like: “When have I tried something new or done a common task from a new perspective?” What would you find out about yourself? 

For some,
change is not something that is welcomed,
and for others,
it is the only thing that makes life worth living.

When I look back…
The hard times, the new experiences, the fun adventures all of them have taught me to appreciate life. I must of had good reasons to chart all of these elements into this lifetime, so I am grateful for the lessons that have been achieved. And, look forward to the new ones that are on there way now. For me, if life needed no challenges then why would we need to experience becoming human?


I believe...
that when a new concept is learned
and taken all the way to its completion...
it is the most satisfying.
Don’t you agree?

However… when I brought out my “Beyond Baby Blocks” project drawings last year from a workshop I had taken back in 2008; I had to start all over again as I didn’t like my original design. I knew it was never going to go ahead without a new approach, so I started over and drew something different.

Now that I like the design much better I think I’ll give it a try sometime. And, I’m not worried about when that’ll be because our projects have the ability to wait until we are ready to get down to making them. Or perhaps… decide it is better to give away those that don’t inspire us.


When beginning a new year, a new project, or anything that is a new experience… try to approach it with a fresh outlook. Instead of dwelling on past misfortunes or failures, begin anew.

See those negative experiences as required lessons, and then move on….  as I feel every experience is part of our greater good to learn how to live an inspired life. Only when we have experienced the reverse of the one we desired, can we really appreciate it; when the better one comes.


My fourteenth project will be shared next week...

Beautiful Borders Backings & Bindings/
Jill Reber and Margaret Sindelar

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Enjoy your quilting time… as a way to relax and have fun. Remember that saying, "Laughter is the best medicine"!

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