Sunday, June 13, 2010

Half A Quilter?

Since… a quilt top isn’t called a “QUILT” until all three layers are sewn together. And… I really only like the process of making the top layer of the quilt.

I ask myself this question:
Am I only half a quilter if I only like to make quilt tops?

I am getting a real sense of why people end up with so many unfinished quilt projects. The eagerness to want to do more then is physically possible will always result in a long to-do-list of projects in waiting mode. There are many reasons that quilts don’t get finished… the quilting process is one of them.

I too, love to sew up quilt tops and find the quilting portion a real chore on quilts larger then my cutting mat. I am grateful that there are long-arm quilters to aide in my successful completion of these projects.


2010 is a time for me to see how far I can stretch my quilting comfort zone. At times, this is more of a challenge then I anticipate. At other times, I even surprise myself and am able to push beyond the limitations in my mind.

So... I have determined that for myself, I will utilize the services of a long arm quilter to complete the layers for quilts on larger projects. My machine has a very small throat and I only add frustration to the quilting process, which should stay “fun”.  And, when I wish to do it all myself, I can enjoy making small quilts.


So go ahead…. be any kind of quilter you like!! There are no rules or limitations to quilting… you dream as big as you desire. Perhaps the only thing to really remember is to HAVE FUN!! And, if that isn’t happening, change the things that stand in the way to make it FUN.

Continue creating… all year long!!


My tenth project will be shared next week...

Turning Twenty... Again/
Tricia Cribbs

More Details...
Next week I will do the book review and reveal my quilt project. Then the following week, I will be doing a review of the past three months. If you wish to see what books are being featured you can also check out my website for more details.

Enjoy your quilting adventure for... 2010!!


Sharyn said...

Half a quilter, you are too funny. At least you haven't relegated yourself to the quilters auxiliary, those with 10K worth of fabric who've never finished anything at all :)

A closet full of finished Flimsies is A-OK in my book, and I love my long-arm quilters...once I got over the initial fear of letting go of control.

Darlee Byron said...

Thanks, Sharyn. I do love to have fun and quilting is a great way to express our uniqueness.

Anonymous said...

I have decided to quilt the way that I find comfortable. I cannot do machine quilting without lossing my mind, and hand quilting with a large quilt a really big chore that I save for something extremely special. So my favorite way is to make small quilts of about 12 inches, and then whip stitch them into larger quilts. In other words, I quilt the squares and finish the edges of squares up to 12 inches, and then put them into rows and complete my quilt that way. It is fun for me then~ I would love to have a long arm quilter do mine, but the money isn't possible. Like you said, "whatever works for me".

Darlee Byron said...

Thanks for your comments, Cathy. I recommend that you never stop dreaming!! One day they will come true. Happy quilting!