Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jan-Feb-Mar Review

My 2010 Quilt Challenge for this year is still on track and may just be the most fun resolution I have ever set to follow. To share my progress with you, I thought it would be fun to do a review every three months with some more details. Take a look at the projects done so far as journaled on this blog:

stglass-medium (144x190) fabric folding (155x200) quilts from the selvage edge flower pounding (153x200) watercolor landscape quilts
--Quilting Books on Review--

My goal is to try new techniques from the quilting books in my own library first and then from ones I buy or borrow from the library. Two other goals are to use fabrics I already own and to first learn these new skills by making smaller projects.

As I believe when trying new techniques the success of completing the project is far greater when the project is small. If one does not prefer the technique, not much time or materials have been invested into a project that will never see the light of day.  All quilts should have an opportunity to shine!!


Simple Stained Glass Quilts
Daphne Grieg and Susan Purney Mark

In The Back Country
mountainview  DSC04838 (2) (719x800)
Book Project                               My Quilt

My first project was really fun to make and there are many more projects in the book that I'd love to try. I usually don't stick with the exact directions on most patterns, so was impressed that I did for this one. I did make some changes to how I used color in the inner border.  I found cutting out the leading fabric with the art knife just like drawing. The  finished design was truly magical. This project is: 19 3/4" x 22 1/2". Mine was very close at: 20" x 22 1/2".

Fantastic Fabric Folding
Rebecca Wat

Kimono Sampler I
kimonos DSC04821 (2) (783x800)
Book Project                                       My Quilt

My second project was a stretch for me as I am not really into fabric folding, so I did find the technique of folding a real challenge. However, I was really happy to see Rebecca include the kimono samplers, as they are much simpler to make. That made it possible for me to continue and be able to succeed in a finished project.  There are two other projects that I wish to try at a later date because I like the design, however, I would certainly replace the folding flowers with appliqued ones. This project is: 57 1/2" x 57 1/2". Mine was 27 1/2" x 27 1/2".  This smaller size is because I used the cutting instructions from the Kimono Sampler II but used the construction process from the Kimono Sampler I.  That worked really well for me.


Quilts from the Selvage Edge
Karen Griska

Glass Tumbling Blocks                        Garden's Edge
selvages DSC04806 (2)
Book Project                                    My Project

My third project was inspired from the quilt project shown above. My goal was to try making a border using selvages and then do something on the center block. I love applique so created flowers cut from selvage squares. I figured there would be opportunity to create a quilt from this book after I had collected the selvages from all the projects made during my quilt challenge.  However, since I didn't wish to wait until then, I created a design of my own. The project shown is: 48" x 49". Mine was 25" x 25".

Flower Pounding
Ann Frischkorn and Amy Sandrin

Good Chi
flowers DSC05878
Book Project                   My Project

My fourth project was interesting to create and noisy too. You can make one of these any time of year, whether you choose flowers from your garden or the local flower shop. I decided to use outdoor plants, but still needed to keep it small because I didn't want to create too much noise. So, I made a smaller vase for the flowers and added butterfly buttons for added interest. I was surprised when a purple bud pounded out green. So there are many more great ideas left to explore in this book. This project is: 15 3/4" x 25". Mine was 15 1/2" x 23".

MARCH 2010

Watercolor Landscape Quilts
Cathy Geier

A Lake Superior Maple (Level 2)
maple tree DSC06618 (2)
Book Project                             My Project

My fifth project was filled with challenge and intrigue. Since this was the only project I wished to try at first, it was what I made. To me, size matters, and many quilt projects are just too large for me to make. I thought perhaps the fabric choices would create a quilt that wouldn't work,  but was rewarded along the way. The fusible grid worked well for me. However, with the more challenging projects this is what Cathy suggested: "If you do decide to do one of the more advanced quilts, there might be more scalene triangles and these aren't as easy to put together on the fusible because of the bias stretch inherent in the product... just be careful! I don't want to see you get frustrated." So, I will try foundation next time, as the grid would be too small for more complex designs. That is why I didn't choose the project "A Room with a View" this time. This project is: 27" x 31". Mine was 22" x 25 3/4".

Thanks for reading...


My sixth project will be shared next week...

Easy Does It For Autumn/ Art to Heart
Nancy Halvorsen

ISBN: 632552005211


Enjoy your quilting adventure for... 2010!!


Selvage Quilter said...

Your challenge is turning out great! I love to see the quilts you're making as you try all these new ideas and techniques. Maybe the trick to sticking with New Year's resolutions is to make the right ones! I'm looking forward to seeing your newest project next week.
Best wishes.

Kathy said...

Love to see what you are doing and how your version turns out. Keep up the good work!

Flora said...

I enjoyed seeing the comparisons.

Darlee Byron said...

Thanks for your comments! It is amazing what one can accomplish with the right motivation.