Sunday, March 7, 2010

Candy for Quilters

Quilter's Candy Delights by Darlee Byron

A Birthday Wish

This week, I take a break from my project and book reviews to bring you the opportunity to win a copy of my own eBook as my gift to you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate all of you, as followers, friends, and visitors that have read my entries and thank you for your encouraging comments, from week to week.

eBook, Candy Projects

Our blogging adventure helps us to broaden our reach, allows us opportunity to share our beautiful projects, and enables us to make new discoveries. This truly brings each of us an abundance of joy as we continue to create, stitch, and embellish the great ideas from skillful quilters around the world. This also helps us have the courage to create our own ideas and bring them to life.

A Basket of Calorie-free Sweets!

My eBook has 16 unique candy ideas to make for the quilters on your gift list, at any time of year. They are quick to make and perfect for stocking stuffers and gift basket contents. Another great idea, would be to get a group of friends or quilters together to quickly make up a basket for someone that needs cheering up. These non-edible and calorie-free treats will be sure to please. These ideas go beyond that pretty bundle of fat-quarters that we all love... 

Quilter's Candy Projects

And, for a special bonus, I will offer to design one candy wrapper to the winner of the free copy on this blog... for them to add to the chosen candy item from the eBook, to advertise your special event, such as a party favor for a party, special occasion, craftshow, etc. Then, with permission, I'd love to share the results at a later date on my blog.

"Advertising That Event" candy wrappers

If you'd like to make up a unique gift basket of candy for quilters or create some special party favors... then this book will be a delight. A perfect way to bring cheer to someone or best wishes on a joyous occasion.

If you'd like to participate in this giveway, please leave a comment. For more entries to this giveaway, see Post Notes below. Then, if you wish, visit MumblesCafe blog for more ways to enter... 

Enjoy a sweet, calorie-free treat today!!

Post Notes:
  • Do you love giveaways? And want more chances to win... this is the plan for this blog: To make it fair for current followers, all followers, regardless of CURRENT OR NEW can receive additional entries only by inviting others to come comment on the blog.
  • To make it work, just mention it in your comment that you've blogged about this giveaway on your own blog. We all love to have topics to blog about, so if you do a write-up on your blog, you will receive two additional entries to the draw. 
  • I would love to have you as a follower, however, I do not feel right about asking this of you just to enter the contest.


Jennifer said...

Oh my whichever “Quilter’s Candy Delights” will I choose, there just are so many to choose from very cool :D! Happy Blogging :)!

Kathy said...

I love the name "Quilter's candy" and I am really curious about just what is in the book!!!

Kayjay said...

I would love to be in to win this lovely price. Quilters Candy looks cute.

Darlee Byron said...

Thanks for stopping in... and leaving a comment. I declare you ALL winners!! Check your inbox!!