Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project Item #6

Project Complete:
6. Stack ‘n Wack block – (preemie quilt)

This project is now complete... 1 of 2 remaining from my 2009 unfinished project list. I had tried a stack 'n wack technique and did not have the experience at the time to jump into a large quilt, so it became an unidentified quilt top.

Now it is finished and has become a preemie baby quilt at 36" square. All that remained was to determine what to make of it and then to add borders to the size I needed it to be. The backing is flannelette in a cute kids theme and ready to send on its way.

The Quilting Process

I used a paper template guide to complete the stitching on the borders.

The backing is flannelette

The completed quilt hanging over the railing.

Firsts For Me In Quilting: 
--To use flannelette for the backing
--Cutting the binding strips 2 1/8" instead of 2 1/4"

I found the flannelette not as easy to work as I needed to pin baste the layers together, instead of using temporary fusible spray.  And, I think the binding looks very nice on the front and back done with the smaller width.

Happy stitching... in 2010!!

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Flora said...

That looks very nice.