Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's Project Underway

I am now ready to share my new quilting adventure for 2010 with you each week ...

I wanted to ensure my website was available as it links with my quilting journey here on the quilt sampler journal blog. There were some technical things I had to figure out and am happy to report they have been solved.


My goal is to try out two new quilting techniques each month and share my quilting journey on this blog, as I learn these new skills. Details of my chosen project to include:

  1. quilting technique learned
  2. which book the project is from
  3. photographs and comments on my project
  4. any dislikes and likes of the new technique
  5. showcase a complete project or portion thereof
  6. would I make another quilt using this technique
  7. a write-up for the website - (completed project)

The list of book titles will be displayed on my website under the section called: "Featured", so you may check out what quilting books are on my to-do list. If there are any books listed that you have created quilts from... I'd love to share them on this website.

To participate please check out the links in the header called: "Join the Fun" and "Promote" to see what you can do to share your quilting journey. Or you may submit comments on the blog as it would be fun to see which projects you are enjoying from these great quilting books.


My first project will be ready to share
with you starting next week from...
Simple Stained Glass Quilts/
Daphne Greig & Susan Purney Mark
ISBN: 978-0-89689-582-9 /

Enjoy your new quilting adventure for... 2010!!


Daphne Greig said...

Hi Darlee,
I'm very honoured that your first project for the year will be from our book. I'm looking forward to seeing your work!

Daphne Greig - author of
Simple Stained Glass Quilts

Darlee Byron said...

Thanks Daphne, I plan to add posts to this blog on Sundays.