Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fabric Folding

Fantastic Fabric Folding by Rebecca Wat

I have always loved the bright flowers from the quilt on the cover and so this book is still in my library waiting... until I open it again and try making it. With this personal challenge to discover new techniques it is finally accomplished. However, that is not how things unfolded...

Book, Fabrics

I went ahead and picked out my fabrics, and cut out all the shapes I needed for the folded flowers and the background. Then I proceeded to go through the instructions and as I needed 16 of these flowers I realized after making only 4 of them, that there was a problem with my ability and determination to continue.

All that ran through my mind was, "How am I going to make a quilt for this book to show on my blog?" So with a bit of time to get my wits back in order, I thumbed through the book to find another project. And even tried another flower, this time only cutting one fabric piece and it flopped too.  Oh dear!!

Had I still lived near my daughter, I could have asked her to make the flowers and then successful went ahead and made this beautiful quilt. Not everyone is so able to work with their hands... I felt like I was all thumbs and didn't know how I was going to proceed without pulling my hair out. As I believe that even though these techniques are new to me, they still need to represent well for the designers.

If you look through this book, you are in awe of the beauty that the author/designer has taken to create all these perfectly folded flowers for these quilts. I don't know the answer to this, but just the other day, when I was thinking about my review, I wondered if she put the project that I did finally choose, there just for me.

Time to reveal my project from the book - I choose to make the quilt - "Kimono Sampler" (page 78)

It was because I felt so determined to succeed, that when this was the only project I felt I could do well, it was perfect for my challenge. My goal was also to create a small quilt of the project and so was able to use the sizes for the kimonos from the Kimono Sampler II and use the design from the Kimono Sampler I.

As I am using fabrics from my supply, I still try and find the best choices and believe they still show well in this design. I want you to see that you do not need to go buy new fabrics to try new techniques. If you find you didn't enjoy the process, you haven't gone out and spent money on something you will not complete.
New fabrics shown

There was a lot of cutting for the pieces, but this is the only way to achieve the finished result. I enjoy cutting so this step was fun for me, especially after realizing how I had flopped with the fabric flower folding process. 

Fabrics cut for the kimono and background

The pieces for embellishing the kimonos

I enjoyed the assembly process, as it looked like I had been successful at putting all those pieces in place and they still looked like the book illustrations.

The quilt top

I finished the quilting of the three layers by following the shape of the white blocks and stitched the outer borders with a gold color thread.

The stitching on the outer borders

A close-up of the finished quilt

Would I make another quilt from this book? That may be an easy guess for you, however, there are two other quilts in the book that demand another look.  I love their design layout and may consider them, if I recreate the flowers in applique.

My advice: Try out the different flowers first with paper and scrap fabric pieces to determine what you like or dislike. Then, continue on with your chosen project.

Kimono Sampler
Finished size: 27.5" x 27.5"

Next week...
My next book choice and then a reveal the following week. If you wish to see what books are being featured you can also check out my website for more details.

Happy stitching!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quilt Binding Made Easy

For some quilters this last step to completing a quilt is a daunting task... one that may be the least favorite part of quiltmaking. Why? Because.. I was one of them!!  The three parts: the hand-stitching, trying to keep that binding in place, and finishing those two loose ends...

As for the hand-stitching, I even am enjoying that step now, as for many years I tried avoiding it. I also have no problems with the binding as I press it and then use straight pins to hold it all in place, and it goes well.

Quilt Bindings

So from personal experience... wanting to do a good job, I finally decided to take the time to write up instructions in 2009 for myself, with detailed photos, so when this process was next in line, I could actually remind myself if I had forgotten. I do have it posted on my website, but last year I found an even better set of instructions and now always look forward to the binding process.

If you follow the website you may have already benefitted from this video lesson, but if not, I wanted to share this link with you. This is my preferred method and now it is always done correctly and easily.

So, instead of a pdf lesson, even better is a video of the process, and it's like having the teacher right there beside you to show you the way. Enjoy the quilt binding video with Heidi Kaisand as she shows you how to make a continuous binding strip. Visit for this video.  From the menu on the left side of the screen, choose watch videos, and click on her lesson on this screen.


My second project will be shared next week...
Fantastic Fabric Folding/
Rebecca Wat
ISBN: 978-1-57120-085-3 /

Enjoy your quilting adventure for... 2010!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stained Glass Quilts

Simple Stained Glass Quilts by Daphne Greig & Susan Purney Mark

Time to reveal my project from the book - I choose to make the quilt - "In The Back Country"  (page 47)

Book, Focus Fabrics, Pattern

As I flipped through the book... this was the one that caught my eye first and a quick look through my fabrics made it my chosen project. There are so many great choices, and I will definitely be back to make another...

I want to stay true to my resolution to use my own fabrics, and to show you that it is possible to make beautiful quilts with the fabrics you already have in your possession. I also wanted to challenge myself and try fabrics that at first I may not have chosen, and still be able to create a beautiful quilt.

The Six Focus Fabrics

My favorite part was the drawing and cutting out of the leading. I love using paper-backed fusible and drawing out the patterns with pencil and cutting blade. I also marked on my drawing where to cut and where to watch out, so I would cut on the correct lines.

Cutting Out The Pattern From The Leading Fabric

It did not matter in the end, that I had made a few wrong cuts as everything was stitched down with a small zig-zag stitch (I used 2.0 / 0.8).  I stitched my leading down (fabric and batting only) and then attached the backing fabric. I prefer to hide my stitching and so do this in two separate stages.

First Two Sections Stitched Down (wrong-side)

It is the quilting of all three layers that is my least favorite. I haven't ventured into free-motion quilting yet, and so still stick with straight lines. day I will be brave enough and learn to enjoy that part as well. But, for this year I am already challenging myself with new techniques that go beyond my favorite (fused applique) technique to broaden my quilting skills.

A teflon pressing sheet is definitely a good idea as you will see in the instructions. It really does protect your iron and your leading is held in place so it can be pressed in position correctly. I would recommend using a pressing sheet under your design as well as on top as the fusible webbing extends beyond the centre part of the cut leading. I ended up fusing my design down to the flannelette pad I had placed on my table, so I wouldn't have to move it on the ironing board. No worries... I just carefully pulled it off and it was fine.

I also make it a habit to cut a swatch from every fabric that I use in my projects (as I cut them) so I can later go back and see my fabric choices and have them available for creating scrapbook/journal pages of each quilt. I do not rely on memory because there is just too much information that will be lost. I plan to create a quilt journal page for each of these projects that are made in this 2010 journey.

In The Back Country

 Finished size: 20" x 22 1/2"

Next week...
My next book choice and then a reveal the following week. If you wish to see what books are being featured you can also check out my website for more details.

Happy stitching!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's Project Underway

I am now ready to share my new quilting adventure for 2010 with you each week ...

I wanted to ensure my website was available as it links with my quilting journey here on the quilt sampler journal blog. There were some technical things I had to figure out and am happy to report they have been solved.


My goal is to try out two new quilting techniques each month and share my quilting journey on this blog, as I learn these new skills. Details of my chosen project to include:

  1. quilting technique learned
  2. which book the project is from
  3. photographs and comments on my project
  4. any dislikes and likes of the new technique
  5. showcase a complete project or portion thereof
  6. would I make another quilt using this technique
  7. a write-up for the website - (completed project)

The list of book titles will be displayed on my website under the section called: "Featured", so you may check out what quilting books are on my to-do list. If there are any books listed that you have created quilts from... I'd love to share them on this website.

To participate please check out the links in the header called: "Join the Fun" and "Promote" to see what you can do to share your quilting journey. Or you may submit comments on the blog as it would be fun to see which projects you are enjoying from these great quilting books.


My first project will be ready to share
with you starting next week from...
Simple Stained Glass Quilts/
Daphne Greig & Susan Purney Mark
ISBN: 978-0-89689-582-9 /

Enjoy your new quilting adventure for... 2010!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project Item #6

Project Complete:
6. Stack ‘n Wack block – (preemie quilt)

This project is now complete... 1 of 2 remaining from my 2009 unfinished project list. I had tried a stack 'n wack technique and did not have the experience at the time to jump into a large quilt, so it became an unidentified quilt top.

Now it is finished and has become a preemie baby quilt at 36" square. All that remained was to determine what to make of it and then to add borders to the size I needed it to be. The backing is flannelette in a cute kids theme and ready to send on its way.

The Quilting Process

I used a paper template guide to complete the stitching on the borders.

The backing is flannelette

The completed quilt hanging over the railing.

Firsts For Me In Quilting: 
--To use flannelette for the backing
--Cutting the binding strips 2 1/8" instead of 2 1/4"

I found the flannelette not as easy to work as I needed to pin baste the layers together, instead of using temporary fusible spray.  And, I think the binding looks very nice on the front and back done with the smaller width.

Happy stitching... in 2010!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Project 2010

My Goals for 2010:

1.)  To challenge myself by adding to my quilting skills at least two new techniques each month, with the following in mind:
  • Utilizing as many of my own supplies as possible and only buying more supplies when needed.
  • Writing up a blog entry on each technique that will compliment my new website.
  • Enjoy the process and always have fun.
  • Time is a factor in learning new skills and techniques.
  • A place to show (especially for new or busy quilters) how to get more done in less time.

2.)  A new website that will compliment my quilting projects and provide a place for quilter's to share their love of quilting from the many great quilt books being published.
  • Helping others see what types of techniques are now available.
  • A place for others to share their own projects, as it is uplifting to hear compliments and see results.

More details coming soon....

Enjoy a new beginning today... and take a new step forward everyday to achieve your goals.