Saturday, November 28, 2009

Project Item #2

Project Complete:
2. "Little Church in the Country” – wall-hanging

This quilt was bought as a kit - pattern, fabric for quilt top, and binding included. I really liked it when I seen it, but I waited because I wasn't ready to let go of that much cash ($80) and then one day is was on for 50% off at the quilt shop. Oh yes, that day I did buy it. It didn't get made for about four years. Now, it is ready!!

I would have preferred for a professional long arm quilting machine person to quilt it, but I decided to try it myself. So, the quilting is only done around the applique designs as I am not ready to try free-motion quilting, just yet.

Top of Quilt (close-ups)

Using a broom handle, I found a place to hang it for these pictures.

I asked my older sister back in the spring of this year, if she'd like any of my quilts that I had made and still had in my collection. And she liked this one, which was only a quilt top at the time, so I am happy to get it finished so I can send it to her. It does feel really nice to be able to stitch up some things for her as she had to always make three dresses, one for herself and two for her two younger siblings, so many years ago for those special occasions. Thanks Sis!! 

Finished Quilt

The pattern is from Meme's Quilts and I really like all her designs. I have made a few of her designs in the past and one day I'll get them put up in the gallery on my website. I always make some changes to the design, as that is how I make quilts, unless of course, I have designed the pattern myself.

Enjoy your preparations for the Holiday Season!


Flora said...

Oh my goodness this churches quilt is so pretty! I love it. I can't wait to hang it on my wall. Thank you so much for finishing it for me. You are so... good at sewing.

I'd forgotten... did I really sew dresses for all three of us. Oh yes, those pink dresses, what was that fabric called, thick stretchy knit and the red plaid jumpers. It's kind of hard to believe that I used to sew. It's been a long while.

Darlee Byron said...

This quilt should be going out in the mail on Tuesday. Will send you an email so you can track the package. I'm off to find a box for it now.