Friday, October 2, 2009

My Quilt Sampler Journal blog!

Welcome Quilters and Non-Quilters!!

The intention for this blog is to bring you glimpses of my weekly projects that I plan to create in 2010. I'd like to see how many new ideas I can quilt up over the next year that I discover as I journey through the many quilting blogs and websites every day with the click of my mouse.

My thoughts are already going ahead to see what new quilt ideas I'd like to try out and hopefully this will get me excited about finishing up those loose ends from my unfinished project box for the remainder of this year.  I realize it may seem like I'm getting ahead of myself here, but really it actually gets me motivated to check out my unfinished projects to see if they can ALL reach the finish line before January 1, 2010 rolls around.

So, that means I'll need to go check my project box and tally up a list of those must-finish-up projects and share them here with you.  Perhaps get you motivated to work towards that same goal. It would be really fun to start the new year with new ideas and projects, wouldn't it?

Enjoy your quilting journey!

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