Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Project Item #3

Project Complete:
3. Stained Glass Quilt – Flower and Butterfly wall-hanging

Finished Quilt

All that was required was to machine stitch the binding technique to the quilt and it was finished. If I decide to keep this quilt, I think I'd like to put it into a frame to hang on the wall.  It was one of the earlier quilts that I had made so I am not certain which year I started it, but it was sometime before 2005.

Close-up of the Design

I haven't found the book that I wrote down the information from this quilt. All I can remember is that it was a stained glass design without the bias strips that are commonly used to outline the parts of the appliqued pieces. Instead it uses a black background and the design is cut out to appear as it has the bias strips added to complete the design. It was fun to make and since I hadn't done many bindings at that time, I used the technique that brings the backing to the quilt front and then machine stitched it down. I now prefer to use the continuous binding technique for all of my quilts.

I checked on Amazon to see if I could find the book and am not 100% sure if what I found is correct.  So I will correct this information, if necessary, when I can confirm the details. However, this is what I think it is:  "Stained Glass Quilts Made Easy" by Amy Helmkamp.

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Flora said...

Good job! It looks very nicely finished!