Monday, October 5, 2009

Finishing Those Projects

To be realistic there will NEVER be enough time to make all the projects that get created because there are so many good ideas being born everyday. So thinking if you start whatever new thing comes along without finishing the previous project will only multiply the problem of unfinished projects.

So my goal for the remainder of 2009 is to finish ALL my quilting projects that are still in unfinished mode.  So why not make an END OF THE YEAR RESOLUTION so you can be ready for the NEW YEAR with new ideas and projects. That is my intention.

Then, I went into my project box to actually see what was there and at what stages of completion each project was at. I set each project on the table and photographed them and will list them here to show you.  Then, as I complete them I will submit photos of them done!!

Therefore, after the review, I have seven potential quilts to work on this fall and winter to be done by January 1, 2010.

My Seven Unfinished Projects -- 2009

1. Birthday Quilt – twin size  
This quilt is for my grandson's third fourth birthday. The quilt top is ready to quilt and bind. I will be taking it to get quilted by a long-arm machine service after our upcoming move.

2. "Churches in the Country” – wall-hanging 
This quilt top is ready for quilting and binding, as well.  I am giving it to my sister when it is finished. She really  would like it soon. I am considering using a long-arm quilting service, but have not yet finalized that plan.

3. Stained glass – flower and butterfly wall-hanging
This quilt was made from a pattern in a book, and only has the binding left to do, but it didn't get finished. I will need to look up the title and designer for my finished entry.

4. “Butterflies Return Home” – wall-hanging
This is a pattern I designed and it only needs the binding finished. One reason I didn't finish was that I wanted to try adding piping to the border and just didn't get motivated to do it.

5. Christmas medallion block – orphan block
I call this one an orphan block because it was a technique I wanted to try but didn't have any purpose for it. It is a stained glass window pattern using ready-made bias. I still need to sew down all the bias edges and then decide what to do with it. I named it a medallion block because it would make a great center for a quilt.

6. Stack ‘n Wack block – orphan block
I wanted to try out this technique and made several small blocks and put them together into this bigger block. It remains as an orphan block because I didn't have a purpose for it at the time. I still need to decide what I will do with this one.

7. "Beyond Baby Blocks" workshop quilt
I took a workshop for this technique in November 2008 and haven't yet got anywhere past the initial planning stages for a design and haven't got anything yet that I am happy with. So now I at least know the concept I want to try to design and the title of the quilt. I will share more on this when I get it completed. I have no pictures to show here of this project.

There are the seven projects that need attention. And I am happy to report that since Friday I actually have accomplished a few things on them. I hope to work on some more this week.

Enjoy your quilting journey!


Flora said...

Oh, goody I can hardly wait! Sorry, for all the pressure!

MaryEQuilter said...

Darlee - commented on TQS too! You only have 7! you have a chance to finish - I have only started my list on my blog, and I know I need to dig out more that are buried in my closet
here is my blog - my unfinished list is on the right hand side - don't laugh too hard! Mary